Currumbin Pines Early Learning Centre embraces the value of providing the 4-5 year age group with a qualified four year trained early childhood teacher.  Our Kindergarten teacher, Juliana, has extensive experience in the childcare industry, advancing through the ranks to becoming the Kindergarten Teacher. Juliana has a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood with a Post Graduation in Montessori Methods for 3 to 6 year olds. Juliana has trained overseas and Australia in Reggio Emilia practices and is absolutely passionate about her role in the guidance of our early childhood children into the first year of formal schooling.

Miss Juliana runs a program that is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (2009) (QKLG) which helps teachers to develop quality learning programs for children in the Kindergarten year (the year prior to Prep).  The QKLG is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and caters for learning and development areas of: Identity, Connectedness, Well Being, Active Learning and Communicating. It thus builds connections between what children already know or can do, their learning at Kindergarten, and future learning in Prep.

For further information visit the Queensland Studies Authority website and see the attached leaflet.

The Centre provides a transition statement that is created to build a shared and accurate picture of the child’s learning.  This involves educators, families and the child to plan focused discussion on the child’s learning.    A printed copy of the yearly transitional statement is given to families to pass onto the school.

The transition statement:

  • focuses on communicating about children’s motivations, strengths and higher-order skills, understandings and learning dispositions;
  • is recognized as a “snapshot in time” given that children’s learning is fluid at this age;
  • includes information contributed by and documented with children, parents, carers and educators;
  • is based on information gathered throughout the year in informal and formal ways and in a variety of learning contexts through normal day to day activities, conversations and interactions;
  • includes information about the child’s learning in each of the learning and development areas;
  • is written using positive plain language that parents and carers can easily understand;
  • describes the level of support the child requires in familiar and/or new situations;
  • includes information about the kindergarten service, teacher and contact information;
  • includes information about the child’s attendance history and relevant family information.

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