Jenny Balson, our Centre's creator, has long been involved with very a well planned nutritional program, her daughter Bec being a vegan, and her grand-daughter with very specific dietary needs.  This has been reflected in Benowa Early Learning and Benowa Hills Early Learning Centres over the past 4 years or so since Bec who is a naturopath and nutritionist began planning the meals there.  Our current owners, David and Alison Balson, have continued with these beliefs.  Our Chef, Miss Monica, has extensive experience and provides luscious, healthy and nutritionally balanced meals at Currumbin.


Our special interest is in children’s health.  We believe that children need to be inspired and encouraged to eat good food from a young age.  Food has been connected very securely to behaviour and learning management.  We therefore feel that if we can supply the children in our care with wonderful, tasty, healthy food it can only have very positive outcomes.

With our Kindy Kitchen we aim to make a real difference in the quality of our childen’s lives.  This extends to the environment around us.  Our goals include:

  • Selecting locally grown produce to reduce ‘food miles’
  • Using fresh, minimally processed and minimally packaged foods
  • Using organic foods as a priority but not a necessity
  • Incorporating sustainable protein sources such as beans, lentils, chickpeas and chicken
  • Choosing sustainable seafood (
  • Choosing to use no artificial anything – including colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Conserving water in food preparation
  • Using environmentally sustainable and safe tableware
  • Raising awareness amongst children and parents of the importance of eating healthily and consciously, especially in the younger years as this is where food habits are formed for life.

We look forward to nourishing the minds and bodies of our wonderful children at Currumbin Pines Early Learning Centre and sharing the journey with you.

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"The greatest gifts we can give children is the roots of Responsibility and the wings of Independence" Denis Waitley